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Hand Embroidered


Into The Garden

Let your feet feel the sweet chill of morning dew. Look up and soak the warmth of morning sun. Immerse yourself into the fragrance of roses and the chirping of playful birds. Want to carry this refreshing feeling wherever you go? Slide in into breezy silhouettes and add a pop of refreshing colors with our curated collection of light-weight sling bags, hand embroidered in soft pastel florals.

Bianca Edit

Just click on this collection to really know how cool the shapes are! And don’t be fooled by the sleekness, the bags are super functional!

Ever tried handbags made with metal wires? Explore this unconventional range to add a rustic bling to your outfit. From abstract forms to floral tones, earthy colors to pastel hues, you will be spoilt for a pick (or picks)!

Miri's Bag:
Unveiling Magic in the Archie Movie!