About Us

about us

Between the one that caught your eye to the one you just can't let go of, MIRI is a mindful, refreshingly artistic and contemporary take on bags. MIRI is a conversation between the conscious needle and curious thread. MIRI talks of hand-crafted edgy bags, a gift to self—a thought that everyday is enough to be fashionable. Vegan and animal cruelty-free, MIRI is conviction to try, to continually change, to modify and to discover.

"Our values as a brand are an extension of our personal values nurtured over decades. With strong influence of Jainism since childhood, not harming any living being is the principle that guides us in just about everything. Hence the decision to not use animal leather to craft our bags is a no brainer for us, but the question rather has been how to ensure our customers get the best of best vegan handbags in the world that they can't stop flaunting? And that's the journey we are committed to."

"I love everything artistic, handmade and unique. Always on the lookout for something new, I realised that while we have a plethora of aesthetically vibrant options in clothes, jewellery, footwear etc, our hand-bags are usually plain, boring and almost identical. Why aren't there enough interesting options in a country that boasts itself of never ending art forms and awe inspiring craftsmanship? That thought gave birth to Miri. Miri is our attempt to bring in a refreshing new change to otherwise boring handbags. We do that by fusing together several exquisite artforms and bold new designs, with only our imagination as the limit"


Founded by Minnie and Rinnie Dissoria, MIRI's story starts in its name. MIRI was an idea to go beyond what we knew. Growing up valuing embroidered artisans, MIRI is our chance at transcending traditional embroidery on cloth and experimenting with diverse textures to create something unique.

We may have started off as Investment Analysts and Management Consultants but then, MIRI was a choice we consciously made. To us and our bags, MIRI is the little magic we weave in our embroideries before it finds you.

our embroidery

At MIRI, embroidery is a glimpse through a child's eyes. New, maybe odd but fun! We come to play with a curious perspective on technique and texture. Woven in colours and detailed to the drop of a pin, we include the raw beauty hidden in the vast expanse of rural India and contemporise it into unique embroidery.

animal lovers

Paw parents to two adorable Dachshunds- Toffee and Moira, we take our stand against animal cruelty seriously. MIRI stems from our belief in veganism, a core narrative we just can't let go of.

From ideation to implementation, we examine multiple materials to craft a bag that allows you to shop guilt-free without sacrificing style or quality.

our team

MIRI is a mix of rural artisans and designers that come together to build a bag for you. Handcrafted with an eye for detail, MIRI is a collective of versatile talents directed toward a single effort.